Disable GetPivotData Worksheet Function

When york with powerpivot or excel pivota table you have Always the same problem:

“i want to refer to a scecific cell in a pivot table without creating the string connection to the cell”

We have two different solution to resolve the problem:

The problem:

the problem can be resumed by this image:

Immagine 1.png

I select one specific cell and then i have this lformula as the result

Dumb Solution:

The first solution si very stupid, we can resolve our proble writing the exactly reference to the cell or selecting Other cell and after that moving on it.

Better solution:

This solution works only in current workbook, in every new worbook you owe it to redo again. But you have to do it one time and work more easily:

  1. Create a new pivot table you work book
  2. Select you pivot table
  3. Select design Tab on excel
  4. Select Pivot table Button
  5. Select the small head Arrow near option
  6. Deflag Generate GetPivotData

You can see the step me in this image

Immagine 002.png

Now you can select all cells of every new pivot table in your workbook without creating formula references.


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