Power bi February News

Today Microsoft Team has released a new version of  Power BI Desktop. Here the summary of the news

Report View

  • Word wrap on matrix row headers: You’ll see a word wrap toggle under the Row headers card. Once you turn word wrap on, the row headers will word wrap to fill the space they have
  • X- and Y-axis font size control: you’ll now find the text size slider under the X-Axis and Y-Axis cards in the formatting pane.
  • Cartesian chart minimum category width: If you want to guarantee that your data labels show, you can now set the minimum width of categories and the font size in  You’ll find the setting under the X-axis card for column, line, and waterfall charts, and under the Y-axis for bar charts.
  • Line chart line thickness and join type controls: Under the Shapes card in the formatting pane, you can use the stroke width feature to make your lines thicker.


  • 2 new Quick Calcs: Percent of row total & percent of column total: Under Show value as, you’ll see Percent of column total and Percent of row total in addition to the Percent of grand total we released a while ago.


Data connectivity

  • ODBC and OLE DB connectors: support for selecting related tables: enabled the Select Related Tables button in the Navigator dialog when using the ODBC and OLE DB connectors.
  • Enhanced Folder connector: support for combining binaries from the Preview dialog: You can choose to combine multiple files from the folder preview dialog within the Get Data flow, bypassing the Query Editor.
  • Unified text & CSV connectors: Converted the importing Text and CSV files into a single Text/CSV entry point. This new entry point can be found in the Get Data dialog, under the Files category.
  • PowerApps Common Data Service connector: Now you can pull your Common Data Service data into Power BI and build reports to share with others. You can show Near-real time data, use the Security roles defined in the Common Data Service. Also you can Auto-generated semantic models, which present data by subject area automatically updated when entities are extended in the Common Data Service
  • Query editing improvements:
    • Specify the desired column type and locale in column headers type menus
    • Easily insert steps in existing queries


  • Solution Templates and Partner Showcase quick access: Solution templates let you use a wizard to very quickly and easily create a working end-to-end enterprise-ready Power BI solution. The Partner Showcase lets you browse our certified partners, see their work, and reach out if you are interested in working with them.clip_image035


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