How to: Integrate Power BI reports in SharePoint Online

In these days Microsoft has announced the introduction of a new web part that enables SharePoint authors to embed Power BI reports directly in SharePoint Online pages with no code required.

This is a easy e short guide to how to integrate power bi report on sharepoint online. We start from requirements:

  • This solution works only with Sharepoint Online
  • The web part requires new SharePoint features to be enabled. Your tenant needs to be enrolled in the Set up the Standard or First Release options in Office 365 program to use this feature.
  • The Power BI (Preview) web part for SharePoint Online requires Modern Pages.
  • The creator and the user of power bi report must have Power BI Pro license

If you have all the 4 requirements, we can start from Power BI service site where you have published your Report.

  1. Open your Report online and
  2. select File menu item
  3. Select Embed in SHarePoint Online
  4. Copy The url From Dialog Box

Now we can pass to our Sharepoint website and follow these steps:

  • Open the desired page or created a new one in SharePoint Online and select Edit.

    • Select + and select the Power BI (Preview) web part and Select Add report.

  • Past the report URL into the property pane. This is the URL you copied from the steps above. The report will load automatically.

  • Select Publish to make the change visible to your SharePoint Online users.


Embedding a report in SharePoint Online does not automatically give users permission to view the report. The permissions to view the report are set within the Power BI service. There are two ways to provide access to the report within the Power BI service:

  • If you are using an Office 365 Group you list the user as a member of the group workspace within the Power BI service. This will make sure that users can view the contents of that group.
  • Alternatively, you can grant users access to your report by Adding a tile from the report to a dashboard. Share the dashboard with the users that need access to the report.

Power BI Embedded in sharepoint support data security through Power BI’s Row Level Security features. Users viewing the report embedded in a SharePoint Online page will see the same data they would via This makes building secure internal portals to disseminate critical business insights easy and trustworthy.

Web part parameters

Property Description
Page name Sets the default page that is shown by the web part. Select a value from the drop down. If no pages are displayed, either your report has one page, or the URL you pasted contains a page name. Remove the report section from the URL to select a specific page.
Display Option to adjust how the report is fit within the SharePoint Online page.
Show Navigation Pane Shows or hides the page navigation pane.
Show Filter Pane Shows or hides the filter pane.


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