Use and update in power BI sharepoint list

Yesterday I found an interesting article on how to respond to an issue of access when using power bi and lists of sharepoint. The original article can be found at the following link but is in Spanish.

Below is the English translation:The Principal Question is:

How do I make a report in Power BI that consumes lists of Sharepoint Online and that I can then update?

Well, at first this sounds trivial, going to Power BI Desktop and connecting to a list of Sharepoint Online, sounds so simple that there is even a dedicated connector for this.


As it turns out, it is not so simple, when the report is finished and it is time to publish it, it turns out that the Power BI service does not allow you to configure the access credentials for the Sharepoint list.


Well, to the rescue has come OData, this protocol allows me to talk with Sharepoint in a simple and without so much entanglement, what we do is simple, instead of using the native Sharepoint Online connector, what we do is use the OData connector (All documentation for the REST APIs can be found at, this connector allows me to consume a simple list, its items and metadata , For example, to read the items from a particular list, what we do is use this in the URL of OData


http://<site url>/_api/Web/Lists(guid'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx')/Items

We work normally in our report, then, at the time of publishing it we will see that our connection type is OData, there we can use authentication type OAuth2 and ready.




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