How to Use Q&A on power BI

The Q&A question box is where you type your question using natural language. Q&A recognizes the words you type and figures out where (which dataset) to find the answer. Q&A also helps you form your question with auto-completion, restatement, and other textual and visual aids.

Now we seen what we can do with it:

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Esri announces ArcGIS Maps for Power BI preview

As more companies place their data in the cloud while continuing to gather multitudes of information from various sensors, apps, and devices,  many are finding that there can be an awful lot of noise out there.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s Powe BI is helping make sense of seemingly complex data sets by enabling users to craft maps, visualizations, and graphical analysis.

Using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI enables users to apply advanced styling properties to maps that include detailed color preferences such as degrees of transparency or fill color of the map data points. PowerBI users can also choose map themes while also selecting point based or shape based maps and adding heat maps to clustered areas.

basemaps Esri announces ArcGIS Maps for Power BI preview

The list of additional feature benefits continues on with users getting the ability to combine layers with PowerBI data while also selecting across layers the user chooses to include.

The PowerBI team promises more ArcGIS and ArcGIS related features coming to the Power BI platform in the not too distant future.

Power Query August Update

Microsoft has released a new update for power query that introduce announce eight new data transformation and connectivity features that have been requested by many customers.

These updates include the following new or improved data connectivity and transformation features:

  • Enhanced SAP HANA connector—allow multi-select of values for variables and parameters.
  • Enhanced OData connector—option to import Open Type columns from OData feeds.
  • Enhanced Access DB connector—new Select Related Tables button to “” in the
  • Navigator dialog.
  • Option to generate Step Names in English within the Query Editor.
  • Description for Query Steps within the Query Editor.
  • Extract Week, Day or Month name from a Date/Time column from the Query Editor.
  • Merge Dates and Times into a Date/Time column from the Query Editor.
  • Extract Start/End of Hour from a Date/Time or Time column from the Query Editor.

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SSRS PDF Render Issue

Today I faced a problem with rendering pdf of a reporting services report. The problem was this:

n ssrs i have a report with a specific structure of 82 pages grouped by Area. If i open the report on Reportserver or reder it in Excel i see the correct structure and all the report:

enter image description here

But if i schedule in PDF or i render from internet the report in PDF this it the result: enter image description here

As you can see i haven’t north america, row o china. It’s like reporting stop the rendering of the report and do nothing. (in the pdf he prints 3 blank page after europa page)


Place a TextBox in the report footer with the expression:


It’s a problem with the timeout, using the TotalPages global variable will force everything to be processed before it starts rendering the first page.

N.B. This causes indomitable delays when trying to view a lengthy report.