Power BI Mobile December News

Microsoft some days ago introduce the latest update for Power BI mobile apps! Within this update, you’ll find these new capabilities:

  • New and improved Annotate and Share (iOS): improved the menu and user experience to make it even easier and quicker to annotate and share.can now also share an annotated report or mobile-optimized report directly from your Power BI app. when you share a snapshot via email we will also generate a deep link to the tile or report. When your colleague receives your email, they can continue their exploration in Power BI by clicking the link


  • Request access to dashboards directly from your mobile app (iOS) For those who scan a QR and don’t have access to the original dashboard, they can now submit a request for access directly from their mobile app.
  • Android Tablet preview
  • Geographic filtering (Android) ability to filter reports based on your current location on android app. (and with ios)
  • Apple watch improvements (iOS) : You can now refresh Apple Watch data directly from the Watch app
  • Custom URL on image tile (iOS, Android): If an image tile has a custom URL defined by the dashboard owner, when you tap the tile you go directly to that URL without opening the tile in focus mode
  • Offline background refresh adjustments (All): The refresh of data is performed in the background of the app, that ensures your business information will be up to date, even if you haven’t accessed it for a while.


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