Data alerts in Power BI service

Set alerts to notify you when data in your dashboards changes beyond limits you set. Alerts work for numeric tiles featuring cards and gauges. Only you can see the alerts you set, even if you share your dashboard. Data alerts are fully synchronized across platforms.

How to do it?

  1. Start on a dashboard. From a dashboard tile, select the ellipses.
  2. Select the bell icon  to add one or more alerts for Total stores.

  3. To start, ensure the slider is set to On, and give your alert a title. Titles help you easily recognize your alerts.

  4. Scroll down and enter the alert details. In this example we’ll create an alert that notifies us once a day if the number of total stores goes above 100. Alerts will appear in our Notification center. And we’ll have Power BI send us an email as well.

  5. Select Save.

And if you want to change what you have done before?

From the tile itself

  1. If you need to change or remove an alert for a tile, re-open the Manage alerts window by selecting the bell icon . All the alerts that you’ve set for that tile are displayed.


  2. To modify an alert, select the arrow to the left of the alert name.


  3. To delete an alert, select the trashcan to the right of the alert name.

From the Power BI settings menu

  1. Select the gear icon from the Power BI menubar.


  2. Under Settings select Alerts.

  3. From here you can turn alerts on and off, open the Manage alerts window to make changes, or delete the alert.


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