Power BI Diagnostics, Trace Logs And Query Execution Times (Again)

Chris Webb's BI Blog

I’ve blogged a few times now about how to monitor Power BI query execution times, most recently here, and while using functions like DateTime.FixedLocalNow() is all very well I’ve never been happy with the fact that you have to alter your queries in order to be able to time them. Using the Power BI trace logs always seemed a much better option – and since the log files are in a reasonably easy to understand text format, you can use a Power BI query to load data from them. I wrote a post on importing data from the trace logs (using Power Query) here back in 2014 and Rui Romano has a great post on doing the same thing for Power BI here. The big problem with the Power BI trace logs, though, is that there is too much information in them: they’re really meant for Microsoft internal…

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