Power BI Mobile Updates – October

THis month we have some new updates for power bi mobile app. I’ll show you the news:

Customizable reports

You can now create report views that are optimized for your phone.

ShortBlog Giff


Improved app navigation

  • added breadcrumbs to the top bar of our apps.
  •  moved the iOS actions to the bottom bar
  • Click on the title of any dashboard report or tile in focus mode to see its hierarchical path.



Intune MAM (iOS)

With this release, the iOS app supports Microsoft Intune MAM (MDM-less) capabilities. Organizations can use MAM to control and manage specific apps such as Power BI, and help prevent data leaks without requiring employees to enroll their device with IT.


QR for report pages

Now in the Power BI service you can create a QR code to link to a specific page in a report, rather than to the entire report. When scanning the QR code using your Android or iOS phone, you will be directed to a specific report page.


QR fr report GIFF


Added manual tile refresh to Windows

With this update, you can manually trigger a refresh of your dashboard tiles using your Power BI Mobile app for Windows 10.

Improvements to data driven alerts IPAD

  • Now you can use your iPad to set alerts for KPI, gauge, and card tiles. I
  • Improved the formatting of the data driven alerts, will display in a standard numeric abbreviation, such as using “2M” instead of “2,000,000.”




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