How to Use Q&A on power BI

The Q&A question box is where you type your question using natural language. Q&A recognizes the words you type and figures out where (which dataset) to find the answer. Q&A also helps you form your question with auto-completion, restatement, and other textual and visual aids.

Now we seen what we can do with it:

Ask Ask Ask

  1. Place your cursor in the question box. Even before you start typing, Q&A displays a new screen with suggestions to help you form your question, this list contains: the questions used to create tiles that are already pinned to the dashboard, and the name of tables in the underlying dataset(s).
  2. Select from the dropdown or begin typing your own question.
  3. Q&A picks the best visualization to display your answer; and the visualization changes dynamically as you modify the question. and Power BI looks for an answer in any dataset that has a tile on that dashboard.
  4. When you’re happy with the result, pin the visualization to a dashboard by selecting the pin icon in the top right corner.

Create featured question

If you own a dataset, you can add your own featured questions to that dataset. And Power BI Q&A will show those questions to colleagues who use your dataset. Featured questions give your colleagues ideas about the types of questions they can ask about the dataset.

  1. Select the Q&A question box.
  2. select the gear icon in the top right corner of Power BI.
  3. Select Settings > Datasets > Retail Analysis sample > Featured Q&A Questions.
    Select Add a question.
  4. Type your question in the text box and select Apply.   Optionally, add another question by selecting Add a question.
  5. Navigate back to the Power BI dashboard, and place your cursor in the Q&A question box.
  6. The new featured question, is first in the list. Select it.

And for on-premises data?

If you’d like to use Q&A with datasets you access through a gateway, you’ll need to enable them first.Once enabled, Power BI creates an index of your data source and uploads a subset of that data to Power BI to enable asking questions.

  1. In the upper-right corner of Power BI, select the cog icon   and choose Settings.
  2. Select datasets and choose the dataset to enable for Q&A.
  3. Expand Q&A and Cortana, select the checkbox for Turn on Q&A for this dataset and choose Apply.

Preview limitations

We have several limitations:

  • is only available on sql server 2016 on premises data source
  • Q&A works only with enterprise gateway
  • Is not supported row level security defined in sql server 2016 SSAS



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