Power BI August Update

Here we are to our usual appointment related to Power BI updates, this month we have:

  • Power BI desktop Updates
  • Power Bi publisher for Excel Updates

As usual a short resume of what are the updates of this month.

Power BI publisher for excel

With this release, you can now:

  • Connect to data in read-only groups
  • Connect to reports and datasets that were shared with you, shared content is marked with the Share icon (small) icon, and can be filtered out by checking Hide content that is shared with me
  • Detect a connection to data with no measures, and notify you with a link to the documentation on how to solve this issue.

Power BI desktop

With this release we have change about:

  • Report view
  • Analtytics
  • Data connectors
  • Query editing

Report View update:

  • Drill on line chart: you can now drill into line charts in a similar way to bar charts.
  • Continuous axis for Date axis: Line charts now default to a continuous axis for dates and stay as a continuous axis as you drill down through a date hierarchy
  • General availability of inline hierarchies
  • Predefined matrix styles: When you have a matrix selected, you will see a Matrix styles option in the formatting pane with different style options available.
  • Reorder fields in charts and tooltips:you can now control the fields in your charts by reordering them in the field well. This new feature will automatically apply to all your current charts.
  • reorder fields
  • Color formatting for KPI visual: When you have the visual selected, open the formatting pane and select Color coding. From here, you can customize the Good, Neutral, and Bad color using color picker or enter in your own color code.


  • Analytics pane: You can find this pane next to the formatting pane when you have a visual selected. With this first release we focused on adding dynamic reference lines and moved trend lines and reference lines to their new home in this pane, but you should expect to see more features in the coming months!
  • Dynamic reference lines: added the ability to create multiple data bound reference lines on clustered column and bar charts, line charts, and scatter charts. These new reference lines are calculated based on the max, min, median, average, or different percentiles of a selected measure.

Data Connectors

  • Impala DirectQuery Support
  • Snowflake Connector: In order to try this connector, you need to enable the Preview feature option, which can be found in the Options dialog (File -> Options and Settings -> Options) under the Global -> Preview Features tab.
  • Improved Web Connector:added the Web Page Previews
  • General availability of SAP BW Connector

Query editing and Other features

  • Option to Merge/Append as New Query: you can decide whether to apply these operations as a new step in the current query or whether a new query should be generated, with the output of the Merge/Append operation.
  • Auto-recover Desktop files: the timing it’s in the Auto Recovery tab of the Options dialog.
  • Keep last Auto Recovery version if I close without saving: this option it’s in the Auto Recovery tab of the Options dialog.




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