Power BI Update

This Month we have two different update:

  • Gateways
  • Embedded Ga Pricing

I try to resume what are the news:


ODBC Refresh is now supported for On-premises data gateway. This update will only support scheduled refresh. Just like any other supported data sources, you will have to first add it to your gateway from “Manage gateways” so you can choose the gateway on scheduled refresh page. Under “Add new data source” you will see “ODBC” under the list of supported data sources. You need to provide the Connections string, authentication and you’re good to go.

Embedded Ga Pricing

We have different news:

  • Free Report Authoring: You can create a Power BI Embedded Azure Workspace, host reports inside the workspace,and embed reports using APIs at no cost with your existing Azure subscription.
  • SImplified Consumption Model: It is only when your users view a report inside your app that you pay $.05 per report session. A report can contain any number of visuals or pages, and a report session is valid for 60 minutes, during which an end-user can do as many cross-filters, drill-downs, and refreshes as they need to at no additional cost to you. End-users of your applications will not need a PowerBI.com subscription to access the reports inside your app, and your first 100 report sessions are free every month.
  • Simplified Tracking and monitoring:. You can track total consumed report sessions per Power BI Embedded workspace collection at all times so there are no surprises at the end of the month .


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