How to use Roles in Power Bi

With the latest updates Microsoft has released a series of new features for the role management with regard to “Power BI Desktop”. In particular it is also possible for PowerPivot / power bi models manage roles to filter at the row level.

The following article aims to explain how to create and manage roles.

we start from a simple model. in my case i used a test model with some data about Formula 1.

ON power BI desktop:

ON power bi deskto we have to create the roles. The first step is open the manage role window:

  1. Open Creation model tab
  2. Selec Manage Roles

Immagine 006

To create role:

  1. Click create
  2. Define a name fore role
  3. Select the table that you want to filter
  4. Add filter:
    1. hide all the row
    2. hide the rows based on specific dax formula

Immagine 008.png

  1. Write the formula
  2. click save

Immagine 007

After the creation of all your roles  the final step is publish the power bi desktop model on power bi site.

Power BI site

On power bi site you have to map you power bi user with the new roles. The steps are:

  1. select “…” in power bi online in the dataset tab on the specific dataset
  2. click secutiry tab

Immagine 009

  1. Select Roles
  2. Insert email address
  3. Click save

Immagine 010.png

After save that you have complete the role creation an now your user can view and use a filter dataset. It’s work with power bi and Analyze in Excel.




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