How to use Power bi Enteprise gateway

Today i try to resume what is it power bi gateway and how use it to connect on premise database to Power BI Online.

This schme can resume how works and what is power bi enterprise gateway:


Let’s first look at what happens when a user interacts with an element connected to an on-premises data source.

Note: For Power BI, you will need to configure a data source for the gateway.

  1. A query will be created by the cloud service, along with the encrypted credentials for the on-premises data source, and sent to the queue for the gateway to process.
  2. The gateway cloud service will analyze the query and will push the request to the Azure Service Bus.
  3. The on-premises data gateway polls the Azure Service Bus for pending requests.
  4. The gateway gets the query, decrypts the credentials and connects to the data source(s) with those credentials.
  5. The gateway sends the query to the data source for execution.
  6. The results are sent from the data source, back to the gateway, and then onto the cloud service. The service then uses the results.

You can use a single gateway with different services at the same time. If you are using Power BI, as well as PowerApps, a single gateway and be used for both. It is dependent on the account you sign in with.


Minimum Requirements:

  • .NET 4.5 Framework
  • Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2, or later x64


  • 8 Core CPU
  • 8 GB Memory
  • Windows 2012 R2 or later x64

Note: The gateway cannot be installed on a domain controller

Limitations of Analysis Services live connections

You can use a live connection against tabular or multidimensional instances.

Server version Required SKU
2012 SP1 CU4 or later Business Intelligence and Enterprise SKU
2014 Business Intelligence and Enterprise SKU
2016 Standard SKU or higher

Download and install the On-premises data gateway

To download the gateway, select Data Gateway under the Downloads menu. Download the On-premises data gateway.

Configure a new gateway

  1. Enter a name for the gateway
  2. Enter a recovery key. This has to be a minimum of 8 characters.
  3. Select Confgure.

Note: The recovery key will be needed if you ever need to migrate, restore or take over a gateway. Be sure to keep this key in a safe place.


What we have to do to configure and use it on ssas?

We can resume the actions in these steps:

Immagine 2.png

IN particular you have to: and install the gateway

2.Add ssas data  source (es. Analysis Services) and insert in credential to use for encription (remeber the user have to be administrator of ssas istance).

3.set privacy on  ‘organizational’

4.ON the server you can see if the connection is on and if there are logs about it user: it works like a string replace. the ssas model receive the domain user mapped

NB: to implement the user mapping is necessary to make the refresh of the dataset (the portal) on which rests the shared reporting.


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