New Power BI Custom Visuals

we have three new power bi custom visual:

  • Strippets Browser,
  • Cluster Map
  • Facet Key



The Strippets Browser is a document reader that provides two complementary ways of sampling the contents of a collection of documents or a news stream:

  • The first unwraps each story into a thumbnail that reveals the source, headline, and leading text and image of the story. Here is an example from the several hundred most recent documents returned by the Bing query “Microsoft AI”:


The outlines view collapses each document down to its outline strip and packs these strips together to create visual cross-section of a document collection. If the thumbnails view is like partially unwrapping news stories to take a peek, the outlines view is like slicing them in half to have a good look inside:


Cluster Map, which displays clusters of related documents in an expressive image mosaic. Clusters can be arranged in a symmetric “spiral” layout or a more freeform “relational” layout, with cluster proximity in the latter case determined by the relatedness between clusters. Selecting a cluster in either layout can filter and highlight stories in Strippets Browser when both are used in the same report:


The Facet Key is the final piece for putting together a great document analysis report, showing the most frequent entities of various types across an entire document collection. Selecting an entity of interest filters and highlights linked visuals in ways that enable document collections to be analyzed systematically, one entity at a time.



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