Import MODC file in Powerpivot

Microsoft recently released a new Azure service:

In the new world of data, consumers of enterprise data spend more time looking for data than they do analyzing it. Azure Data Catalog is an enterprise-wide metadata catalog that makes data asset discovery trivial. It’s a fully managed service that lets any user—from analyst to data scientist to data developer—register, enrich, discover, understand, and consume data sources.

When you navigate dataou can import the result and create a model in two way:

  • Export a MODC file connection
  • Export PowerBI report

The power bi report have only the selected dataset and it’s not possible today unify different table or dataset. If you Export MODC file you can import it in power pivot:

  1. Open Excel –> select Data–> Existiong connection–> Browse
  2. Select your MODC and create only connection plus add to data model

Immagine 004

  1. Repeat the operation with all your file
  2. Open power pivot now you have imported in one powerpivot model all you table
  3. Go to Diagram view and create relationship
  4. Nowyou can:
    1. Use in excel yout model
    2. IMport excel in power bi and use it in

Now you can use Azure Catalog and create a power pivot model on it.


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