Power BI new Custom Visual

Some days ago Microsoft has added new Custom Visual to power bi. Here a resume of new custom visual and some infos to how to use it.

Meme Visual

The name is somewhat stupid and does not allow to understand what it’s for . In particular, it allows the user to incorporate an image from a url with text over the image .

Immagine 115.png

To insert url and Text you have to select custom visual and go to VIsualization under proprieties.

Donut Chart

It’s a custom visual very similar to existing standard visual, the difference it’s the value inside the donut chart and the possibility to insert a secondary metric:

Immagine 117.png

As you can see you have 2 Measure, the primary that create the chart and the secondary measure that you can see inside the donut and under the legend. To insert indicator and manage color and label of measures inside the donut you have to select format under visualization.

Circular Gauge

It works like a gauge , you can only insert your current value and target value.Tthe graph represents a percentage how much is the current value than the target value:

Immagine 118.png

You can select in Format if you prefer Donut or Circle under “Donut Chart” Label.

Hierarchy Slicer

This is the custom visual most interesting of all . It lets you manage the slicer divided by hierarchies . it is sufficient to select the custom visual and enter the attributes of hierarchies in the correct order . The custom visual automatically will create the hierarchy without having to do anything else. You can change between single or multiple selection under Selection label in the Format tab:

Immagine 119.png

Some Hints about:

1) Each data field added to the fields list is a level of a hierarchy
2) Multi selection is only possible for natural hierarchies.
3) Color of the box can be changed using formatting pane.
4) Header can be altered using the formatting pane


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