Use Image Url in Power bi

Browsing Power BI Dahsboard and report sometime we have find that some users use Images as filter or visual Object. For example in my last power bi example about Cinema i use it:

Immagine 065

IN my case i use a API on IMdb but it’s the same if you have an url in your dataset. The important it is, have a image url in dataset. See how to do transform this url in ad image:

  1. Control Your dataset

When i speak about a img url I speak about this situation:

Immagine 113.png

As you can see i have a column where is the url of the image for every row of my dataset.

2. One simple Step

it’s very easy to transform a url on image. You have only to selct the column where is the url and Select in the tab “Creation Model”  Cateogry of data Button. aftert that select Url image. An examples:

Immagine 114.png

Now if you use this column in your visual you can see in automatic the image and not the url. If you whant to show a big image a suggest you to use Image viewer custom visual. you can find it here.

2 pensieri su “Use Image Url in Power bi

  1. Hi Hana, with power bi is not possible use pictures in hard disc. i suggest you to upload on one drive, dropbox or azure blob storage. Power Bi use only url to show image.

    "Mi piace"

  2. Hello,

    If we have pictures in Hard Disc ( Local ), Can we display them in a Matrix in power BI ? If it’s possible ,how do that then ? I’ve tried this solution but it dosen’t work for local pictures.


    "Mi piace"


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