Power Bi May Total Update Feature

As every month today i write to resume all the principal updates about Power BI and his Gateway. We have interesting news in :

  • Power BI desktop visual
  • Power Bi desktop datasource
  • Power BI desktop Analytics
  • Power Bi Gateways

Desktop Visual

  • Customizable tooltips: Users are able to customize the fields that are shown in the tooltip of all visual controls.  Simply drag any data measure into the Tooltip bucket in order for that field to be shown in the tooltip.clip_image002[4]

    You can then further customize the value shown in the tooltip by selecting an aggregation function or a Quick Calc to be applied to the field when shown, by clicking on the arrow beside the field in the Tooltips bucket.

  • Conditional formatting in tables:allows users to color cell backgrounds based on the value of the data in the cell. To access conditional formatting settings right click or click the arrow of the measure you want to format.Then you can configure the color and the min/max values associated.
  • Publish to Pyramid server: This feature gives users the ability to:
    • Connect Power BI Desktop content to and from other sources and apply common filters and interactions (e.g. dimensional slicers).
    • Secure content using BI Office’s security model for users and groups.
    • Blend everything into a single dashboard that can be shared with a large number of users and consumers.
  • Scrolling loads more data in charts: If there are more data points than we can fit nicely in the chart, simply move the scroll-bar all the way to the right and if more data is available it will automatically be loaded and the chart updated.
  • Keyboard nudging for visuals: Once you select a visual you can:
    • Use your arrow keys to move the visual around the canvas
    • Use SHIFT + arrow keys to move it in larger increments

Desktop Analytics

A new Quick Calc has been added that calculates the percent of the grand total for each data value.

To access it, right click on the field in the field well.


Then set the details for the calculation

Desktop Data Source

  • New data connectors:
    • Informix
    • comScore Digital Analytix
    • Troux
    • Planview Enterprise
  • Improved DB2 connector
  • Text/CSV connector exposes editable settings in preview dialog including:
    • File Origin
    • Delimiter
    • Data Type Detection strategy: Based on top 200 rows, based on entire dataset, or no data type detection.
  • Improved relational database connectors with Display Schema information.
  • Data Source Settings enhancements Users can now easily update the “location” of a data source for all queries connecting to that data source within a single Power BI Desktop report. Within the “Data Source Settings” dialog (File -> Options and Settings -> Data Source Settings), there is a new “Current File” scope, which allows users to limit the list of data sources displayed to only the data sources used in the current file.
  • Advanced “Filter Rows” dialog mode: This new mode allows users to add multiple filter clauses within a single Filter Rows step (previously only 1-2 clauses were allowed) and also combine filter clauses based on multiple columns (before, all clauses were applied to a single column).


  • Inline Input controls for Function invocation within the Query Editor
  • Query Parameters:
    • Ability to convert queries to parameters (and vice versa)
    • Support for URL parameterization and multi-part URLs in Web connector
    • Support for parameterization in Conditional Columns dialog
  • Ability to “Save As” a Power BI Template: sers can now save as a Power BI template file from within the “File -> Save As” dialog. This will create a “.pbit” file that contains the definition of the report (including queries, model and report) as well as the data in the data model and the current parameter values.
  • Support for reordering Query Steps by using drag & drop
  • Date picker support in Conditional Columns dialog input Date fields
  • New context menu entry to create new queries from the Queries pane

Gateways update

New data sources supported in this release:

  • Informix
  • IBM DB2 (Microsoft driver)

Update on UPN Mapping: you can use CustomData property to connect to your Analysis Services data sources.




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