DAX – Stock Value with Dynamic Price

Today I will describe a simple solution to a problem I had to solve lately:

Enhancement of warehouse stock (quantity) using as price, that associated to a particular Item in a given period of time (selected by the user). In the table of Item a price is valid for a certain time period (date range) while the amount of stock is obviously appreciated moment by moment.

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Import MODC file in Powerpivot

Microsoft recently released a new Azure service:

In the new world of data, consumers of enterprise data spend more time looking for data than they do analyzing it. Azure Data Catalog is an enterprise-wide metadata catalog that makes data asset discovery trivial. It’s a fully managed service that lets any user—from analyst to data scientist to data developer—register, enrich, discover, understand, and consume data sources.

When you navigate dataou can import the result and create a model in two way:

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Power BI narrative News

Narratives for Power BI enables Microsoft Power BI users to immediately gain insight from all of their data – including Salesforce, Github and Adobe Analytics – by transforming it into intelligent narratives. Narratives for Power BI now includes the following capabilities that will allow you to:

Automatically draw insights from scatterplots:

Narratives for Power BI now supports scatterplots and has the ability to insightfully explain relationships between measures, clusters of entities, and outliers.

Scatter Plot Screenshot

Receive deeper insights from visualizations that have multiple dimensions:

For all of your multi-dimensional bar, column and tree map charts, the narratives now discuss the data across secondary dimensions in addition to primary dimensions, giving you additional insight into data that is often difficult to see visually.

For example, if you are measuring revenue across products by region, the narrative will now analyze revenue across all products, as well as revenue across all regions.

Get introduced to DAX with Guided Learning

As you know DAX, or Data Analysis Expressions, is the language of Power BI.
Knowing how to write DAX formulas is the key to creating expressive and advanced reports.it is such a useful part of advanced Power BI techniques. Microsoft have released on his power bi site a list of video tutorial  to understand and use power bi DAX.
The videos are really full of information and very interesting i suggest you if you are new to this world to watch them. You can find:

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