SSIS vs Data Factory

I found ONline a very interesting Slide about the difference between Sql server integration Services and Azure Data factory.

SSIS is a well known ETL tool on premisses. Azure Data Factory is a managed service on cloud which provides ability to extract data from different sources, transform it with data driven pipelines, and process the data. in this session you will see many demos comparing ADF (Azure Data Factory) with SSIS in different aspects. you will also learn features that are available in ADF but not in SSIS with many demos.

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Power BI Playground

Searching for Power BI add-in and feature i found online an interesting website where you can find and test all the power bi visualization on PC, Tablet and Phone .

I suggest you to try it on this link.

The page have this structure:

Immagine 083.png

On the left tab you can select:

  • Visual: select custom visual that you want to know
  • Data view ( for now we have only one type)
  • Randomize: we can randomize number to view how change report
  • Show Animation: show animation features if exist on custom visual
  • Show Interaction: Show interaction of different visual

Good Try!