Villo! Power BI Real Time Report

Browsing the web i found an interesting dataset created by Opendata , it’s the rea time avability of Villo! bicycle station in some cities fo Europe. I used it to created this report:

Immagine 106.png

I Try to explain how i do it!

First the dataset

If you go to this link you found the dataset. Location of the Villo! stations in the Brussels Capital Region with indication of the availability (bikes, bike stands) in real time. The table i very simple:

Immagine 107.png

We have this attribute:

  • Name of station
  • address of station
  • position by latitute and longitude
  • Status
  • Contract ( itis the city name)
  • NUmber of bike stand
  • available bike stand
  • available bike
  • Last Update

If you want you can click on export and have the tabular form of this data bu i prefered use API service. If you use Api you can read their document and filter data as you wish. i have used this api link:

This query return 10000 rows of data  from different contracts.

How To use it?

Simple with power Bi!

  1. Open Power bi
  2. Select Other as data source and Web
  3. Insert the API link
  4. select Anonymous credential and click ok.


After that you can play with your data. if you don’t want to waste your time to prepare you data it’s my power query code.

And now?

Play with your dataset and create your perfect Report. If you refresh your data you have the latest data about Villo! and Try my version


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