How to enable Delve Analytics in Office 365

Delve Analytics provides real-time work analytics at the individual and organization level to optimize activities for the best business outcomes. You can improve personal and team effectiveness with dashboards that provide insights on time and relationships.

For a short but informative video, check out the Meet Delve Analytics video on Youtube.

To enable Delve Analytics you have to follow this step:

Step 1
Make sure you have your tenant in First Release mode (

Step 2
Enable the preview version of the new Admin Center by clicking the link “get a sneak peek” from the Dashboard page of your tenant admin center.


Step 3
Open the Settings menu (the gear icon on the left hand side of the page) and click Apps. There, at the bottom, you’ll find Delve Analytics. Click it, and click the Submit button to submit a request to enable Delve Analytics for that tenant.


The confirmation page indicates that it might take a few weeks before you can really start using Delve Analytics. I’ll keep you posted on the progress on our side!


Go to the Office 365 web experience at, open Delve from the app launcher and click Analytics on the left-hand side of the window. At the top of your personal dashboard, you’ll see a summary of how much time you’ve spent this week in meetings, on email, in focused work time and working after hours. You can set goals for each of these areas to work towards.

Take back your time with Delve Analytics 1

The Network section focuses on who you are interacting with the most, how quickly you read and respond to their emails and displays people you may want to catch up with.

Take back your time with Delve Analytics 2

Below that, Email information helps you gain visibility into how much time you spend reading and writing emails, average read rates and response times for emails you send and receive, all of which can help you think about whether there are ways to make your email communications more effective.

Take back your time with Delve Analytics 3

The Focus hours module provides data on how often you have at least two hours between meetings, so you can sit down and work. You may have days when you’re stuck in back-to-back meetings and find you don’t have time to sit down and get work done. By evaluating your focus hours, you might be able to simply rearrange your schedule to find more of that time.

Take back your time with Delve Analytics 4

The After hours module offers insight into time spent working outside of standard work hours to help provide insight into balance of personal and professional priorities.

The Meetings module will show you how much time you’re spending in meetings, which meetings are taking up the most of your time and the quality of meetings. Meeting quality metrics includes information about why specific meetings on your calendar may have been ineffective, so that you can decide things like whether to change or reduce the attendee list for certain meetings, shorten recurring meetings or cancel an ineffective meeting altogether.

Take back your time with Delve Analytics 5

The Delve Analytics add-in for Outlook surfaces insights about emails you have received and sent. The insights include information about email performance like read rate, forwards, replies and email activity over time. For more information on the Outlook add-in, visit Delve Analytics Outlook add-in.

Take back your time with Delve Analytics 6


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