Share PowerBi Report To external

With february update miscrosoft have released a new feature for power bi: Share with users outside your organization. I notice that during some webinar many user ask about ” How i can share my power bi report with external user?”

I try lo explane it with very fast and simple steps. IMportant: Sharing content external to your organization will have the same licensing requirements as sharing content within your organization.your recipients will need a Power BI Pro license to view the content.

  1.  Go to any dashboard that you own and click share
  2. enter the email address of the user who you want to share the dashboard with. Power BI will highlight if there are email addresses that are outside your organization.
  3. If you want to add a message along with the share email, add it in the text box below, and click Share.

Sharing experience

From user, that you have shared dashboard, point of view:

  1. He have received an email about the shared dashboard.
  2. The email has a link to the dashboard being shared. Click it!
  3.  You will have to sign in to Power BI to see the dashboard. If she doesn’t have a Power BI account, you candirectly after clicking the link.

Sharing email

Once you have signed in, you will see the shared dashboard in its own browser window without the left navigation pane. You won’t see this external dashboard in your usual Power BI portal. You will have to bookmark the link to access this dashboard in the future.

You can also see all the external users who have access to this dashboard and revoke their permission. To do that, select the share button and navigate to the Shared with tab. All the external users who have access to this dashboard are marked as “Guest”.

Shared with UI

When you access a dashboard you don’t have permission to view, you will get a message asking if you want to request permission.

Request Permission 1

When you select Request access, you can optionally be able to enter your reason for needing access and then select Send request to send the email. Request access dialog

You will get a message letting you know your request was successfully sent.


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