Power BI: Change Relation between Visuals

When you work with power bi you can go through a little problem about Visualization.If a use specific Visualization and try to filter it it’s very difficult to understand what type of data i have filtered. Ther is a solution to this problem, and i explain it with an example:

We start with a very simple report:

Immagine 095.png

It’s a report about Wedding. In the left Corner the chart show the Type of Wedding (catholic, civil). In the bottom part i have the average of Age of man and women. In the right corner the Number of wedding by year. If a select For Example Canada in the bottom part Chart i have this result:

Immagine 096.png

It’s impossible to understand the type wedding scomposition and the year. This situation is generate by the type of data that i visualize. Canadian wedding is a small Number in the total cout of wedding, in pur case there are 16 Weddings against a total of 14.000.

If we want to to resolve this problem we have to:

  1. Select The chat that filter the Other charts, in our case the bar chart
  2. Select Format on Visualt tools Bar and Select Modify iteration:

Immagine 097.png

On the Other chart appear 3 different icon in the right corner, here we can select:

  • Filter, funnel simbol: when i select a attribute in filter chart the current dataset of specific chart is filtered and you see only information about the specific attribute of first chart.
  • Enlight, pie chart simbol: it’s the standard filter if i select it i see filtered data compared to total data
  • Nothing: it’s the last button if i select it the filter is not valid for the specific chart

IN our example if i select the Funnel simbol “Filter” and selecting again canada this is the situation:

Immagine 098.png

Now we can easily see the specific dataset that we have filtered with the bar chart. The small value 16 is not hidden by the high numeric but is clear and visible. The same operation can be done with all the chart to create different situation in the same Report.





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