Power BI Service May Update

Microsoft has introduced new features for power bi Online Services, the most interesting is  that you can now upload files to Power BI up to 1 GB in size. But there are Others new features:

Get Data

  • File size limit increase to 1 GB
  • Find SSAS servers with enterprise gateway: When you set up an Enterprise Gateway, users in your company will be able to access these servers in the Power BI service through the Get Data page.To reach your available SSAS servers, start on the Get Data page and select Databases. From there, select SQL Server Analysis Services. Here you will be able to see all your SSAS servers and can select the one you want.

RLS ( row level security)

  • AAD group support RLS: now it’s possible to use security group and distribution lists in a role
  • Test your RLS roles with reports: It’s a new feature that lets you test your dataset as a specific role. This will let you make sure the role works as you expect before any users get their hands on your dashboard.To test out a role, select Test data as role in the contextual menu of a role.
  • Define and apply RLs to cloud models based on direct queries: You can now create and apply RLS rules for direct query data sources.


  • Favorite Dashboard:I t’s a new way to favorite those dashboards and make them easily accessible from all your workspaces.To favorite a dashboard, select Favorite from the top right corner.You can find all your favorite dashboards by selecting Favorites in the left navigation.

Analyze in Excel

  • Improved download Experience: To get the latest update, select the downloads dropdown and choose Analyze in Excel.From there you will get a dialog that will let you learn more or download the update directly.
  • Support for RLS: rules you apply to the data now flow through when a user analyzes the data in Excel. Now when your audience selects Analyze in Excel, they will only see the data they are allowed to access in the Excel file.
  • Improved error Messaging:Now as soon as you select Analyze in Excel for a data source we don’t support, you’ll see a message letting you know we don’t yet support that data source.






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