Power BI News 16 May

I want to resume a series of important new features for Power bi:

  • Using Excel Reports in Power BI is Easier than Ever with Local Files Support
  • Power BI Q&A for enterprise gateway connected data sources
  • Q&A new Feature
  • the ability to add synonyms to your model in Power BI

Excel in Power BI

Until Today we have had the ability to upload reports to Excel Power BI only with files That are stored in one drive. Now it is possible to upload Excel reports to Power BI  from your local drive or from other storage services:


Power BI Q&A for enterprise gateway

Microsoft has introduced the Q&A feature not only for power pivot table but also for on premise data sources. Q&A now works with SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services tabular models being access in Power BI via an enterprise gateway.

To use the Q&A experience with your enterprise gateway connected data source, simply enable the “turn on Q&A for this dataset” option in the “Q&A and Cortana” settings for your dataset.

QnA Settings

Q&A new Feature

We have two different new features:

  • Q&A now provides improved auto-complete while typing questions, more intuitive visual cues to help you navigate and adjust your question, and more control to deal with complex or ambiguous data.


  • In addition to this, the overall Q&A experience has been updated to have a cleaner look and feel.Switching filters or values in a question is a simple as selecting the value and picking from suggested alternatives.
  • Auto-Suggest

Synonyms to your model

the ability to add synonyms to your model in Power BI desktop is also now available. Adding synonyms lets you include alternate names for tables, columns and measures, that Q&A will use to make it easier to find data when asking questions.

Synonyms Modeling


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