Power BI design Webinar

I suggest this Microsoft Power BI Webinar. It’s fee and I think it’s very interesting. In this presentation, Miguel Myers will teach you the difference between reports, indicators/gauges, presentations, dashboards, and infographics; including how you can take advantage of each one and how you can design them using Power BI.

I find it very useful its 10 rules to create a perfect Dahsboard :

  1. Drawn a Skecth: not start from what i have and the graph but wath i want, what kind of information i want to represent? to who? Think about data and visual.
  2. Use Alwasy a grid: insert a grid image below all visual. That simplify where i put my visual, text and image.
  3. Use a correct Alignment: It is very important to align the objects between them. Grid simplify it.
  4. Approriate Spacing: Where it’s possible insert the proper space between the differente object, the best is that always be the same.
  5. Select The correct Backgroud: Color too birght or dark can be a distraction to user, rember to combine you background color with you visual colors.
  6. Use the Right visualization: Select the correct Visual, what data source you have? you want to compare some data or show a specific number?
  7. Not Use many effects and Contet
  8. Use Empty Space Wisely: sometimes the better solution is to use a empty space
  9. Chose the correct color:
    1. IF select Similar color max 3 different colors (example blu,  violet, light blue)
    2. If select DIfferent kind of color: max 3 colors (example red, blue, yellow)
    3. If select same color but different tone: max 5 different tones
  10. Enchace the important parts of page: with color or images.


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