Sql 2016 Edition Content

The June 1 will receive the new release of SQL Server . The 2016 version From the point of view of features and licenses There will be major changes , given that disappear BI version.

I found ONline two interesting document that show you all the difference between Enterprise and Standard edition.

The first one si very simple, i found two slide where microsoft explain what are the news of sql 2016 and in what edition they are:

Immagine 085.png

Immagine 086.png

The second One provides  details of features supported by the different editions of SQL Server SQL Server 2016. IN particular about:

  • Cross-Box Scale Limits
  • RDBMS High Availability
  • RDBMS Scalability and Performance
  • RDBMS Security
  • Replication
  • Management Tools
  • RDBMS Manageability
  • Development Tools
  • Programmability
  • Integration Services
  • Integration Services – Advanced Adapters
  • Integration Services – Advanced Transforms
  • Master Data Services
  • Data Warehouse
  • Analysis Services
  • BI Semantic Model (Multi Dimensional)
  • BI Semantic Model (Tabular)
  • Power Pivot for SharePoint
  • Data Mining
  • Reporting Services
  • Business Intelligence Clients
  • Spatial and Location Services
  • Additional Database Services
  • Other Components

From this link is possible to download 180 trial license.


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