Power BI Drill Tab

With the New Release of Power BI desktop we have new functionality on Drill Tab. On this article we try to focus on every function of this tab:

Immagine 074

We have 3 different Areas, we use same example chart:

Immagine 075.png

This Chart have 3 different level of Attribute (Genre 1,2,3)  and a simple Measure, count of movies. The dataset is from my previous Post:“Film Analitycs”:

Green Area – Visualize

If we select the chart and click the green area “Visualize data”, we get a minimal table with the resume about whant we see in the chart, Genre 1 and movie count.

Immagine 076.png

If we use Drill down and drill up on chart the table automatic change is value. But you can only see data about we have on the chart.

Purple Area — Drill Down

In this area whe can do 3 different things:

  1. Selecting Drill-down we can activate Drill down feature, if we click on a specific tab of chart  we drill down on the second level. For example in our chart if we select Action Tab the cart drill down From action genre 1 to genre 2 only for action and not for all chart attribute.
  2. Selecting Drill -up we can turn back from previous drill down tab. IT’s work only if we have done a drill down before.
  3. Expand All: if we click it we do a drill down from a level to another for all attribute in the chart. In our example we pass from Genre 1 to Genre 2 but not only for a specific tab.

Red Area – Visualize Record.

It’s work only with attribute and value that existing in the table. if we use a measure “visualize record” became grey. When we click on visualize record we activate a new fuction. After that the user for the specific chart can click on an attribute tab and can visualize data behind this. For example if i click on action tab on previous chart, this is the result:

Immagine 077

AS you can see the result is the original dataset table where you can see all the row of the specific dataset that we have selected ( in our case Genre 1 like action)





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