Power bi Movies Analytics

Browsing internet i found that i can recover information about movies directly from imdb and Rotten tomatoes. Using a specific site i have created a power bi Report very interesting.

The site to retrive these infos is : omdbapi.com

I used a simple API to retrive different information about the top 100 movies of 2015-14-13 and some movies fo 2016. I found for example plot, imdb rating, rottenmeter, box office, date of release, genre, number of review and i create two different example:

  1. A general dashboard where i can see Average of reviews and Number of Movies:

Immagine 064.png

2. A specific film where i can select a Movie and i can see review meter , director, plot and genre:

Immagine 065.png

To try the analytics go to this link: Power BI Movie Analytics