Power BI April Update

Welcome back to Power BI News Resume. This Month we have some news on Mobile App and Some on Power BI services.

Mobile App:

  • SSRS ON Android: Microsoft announce a preview of the Power BI app for Android, with support for SQL Server 2016. View your mobile reports and KPIs using SSRS folder navigation and access your data quickly by using the favorites section.
  • Windows 10 Live Tiles: The Power BI app for Windows 10 already supports Live Tiles as a shortcut to dashboards, but with this update we can display actual metrics on our Start screen
  • new report gallery on Android: This update allowing you to access your reports directly from the main menu.
  • WIndows 10 Presentation: With this update Clicking on the full screen icon will expand the app across all of the available screen, and the navigation bar can be collapsed to reveal even more screen space. Full screen mode makes it easier for you and your viewers to focus on the presentation
  • global search and recent to iOS: This new add allows you to search for dashboards, reports, and groups by name. Simply begin entering your search terms into the input field, and results will instantly appear.

Power Bi Service:

  • ExpressRoute: ExpressRoute is an Azure service that lets you create private connections between Azure datacenters and your on-premises infrastructure, or create private connections between Azure datacenters and your colocation environment. From now  you can create a private network connection from your organization to Power BI
  • Row-Level Security: With this change, if RLS is defined for those dashboards and reports that are distributed as part of a content pack, then the security rules will be respected for all instantiated content packs.
  • Vimeo Video: Now the video tile supports Vimeo videos too.
  • Analyze excel : now the analyze in excel feature is avaible for all user, free and pro.
  • Improved multi-user account experience: If you accidently entered in the credentials for a different account, you will get a sign-in failure message and a chance to try signing in agai


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