Power bi Tiles add-in Office

Few week ago i have spoke about a workaround to create a complete pdf from power bi. Today i found a new and more interesting solution .

On this site you found a new add-in that allow you to embed PowerBI visualizations inside an Office Document, for example a PowerPoint presentation. For now it’s supporde by:

  • Excel 2013 Service Pack 1 or newer
  • Excel Online
  • PowerPoint 2013 Service Pack  or newer
  • PowerPoint Online
  • Access Online

it’s Very simple to use:

  1. Open an Office Program, in our case Powerpoint
  2. Go to the “Insert “Tab adn select Store Button

Immagine 055

After that search “Power bi tile” on search tab

Immagine 056.png

and activate it

Immagine 057.png

After That the app create a ne object. Frome the object you can :

  • Select from power BI and you can see your power bi Report ( from your subscrition office 365)
  • Select Publich Dashboard to insert a specific link

If select from power bi you have this situation:


Immagine 058.png

You can Select a dashboard ( and it show you a componet fo dashboard like mobile app) or a specifi report. If select a report this ios the result:

Immagine 059.png

Filter and object connection works! a very simple way to create a dynamic presentation of your data. REquire internet connection, but works Great!





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