Publish Power BI to public

Power BI permit user to publish to external user a specific Power BI Report ( with dashboard is not possible). This report can be embedded in a Website or can be used like a simple link.

Publish a report is very simple:

  1. Select the report that you want tu publish
  2. Select “File” Buttom in the top bar of report:

Immagine 051.png

3. Select Publish to Report

4. Click “Create Code”

Immagine 052.png

5. Click Publish

Immagine 053.png

After that you have two different code, the first one like this:

Is the direct link, the second one like this:

It’s a iframe that you can use to embed specifict report in your website. With Width and Heigh value you can decide the dimension of iframe.

Days ago Microsof have realeased a new feature to embed report in web and mobile app, to more info refer my other article :

Power BI embedded