Power BI Embedded

Microsoft Power BI Embedded is a new solution that enables you to integrate Power BI reports and dashboard into your web or mobile applications, it’s permit user to use a simple method to build solutions to visualize data for your users.

Power BI Embedded is an Azure service that will enable Software Vendors (ISV) to connect Power BI with their applications. Users of the application do not need a Power BI account to use your app. They can continue to sign into the application as they had before, and view and interact with the Power BI reporting and tile experience without requiring any additional licensing.

Instead, renders are purchased by the developer of the app that is consuming the visuals, and are charged to the subscription that owns those resources.

The model can be resume with this image:


A Workspace Collection is the top-level Azure container for resources that contains  Workspaces an has all the standard Azure properties, for example the following:

  • Access Keys – Keys used when securely calling the Power BI APIs (described in a later section).
  • Users – Azure Active Directory (AAD) users that have administrator rights to manage the Power BI Workspace Collection through the Azure portal or ARM API.
  • Region – As part of provisioning a Workspace Collection, you can select a region to be provisioned in. For more information, see Azure Regions.

A workspace is a container of Power BI content that include :

  • Dataset of data to create new report
  • Reports
  • Dashboard


Microsoft Power BI Embedded permit applications to perform all the necessary user authentication and authorization.

There is no explicit requirement that end-users be customers of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Instead, applications will express authorization to render a Power BI report with Tokens. These App Tokens are created as needed when your app wants to render a report:


For More info i suggest : Get Started with Power BI Embedded Preview

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