PowerBI Export Report PDF

When you create a power bi report and publish it online you have the possibility to print it in pdf. During my test i found a “little” problem with this function.


For example, i created this power bi desktop report:

Immagine 037

THe report work correclty on power bi online. to print in pdf you have to select a report ( not a dashboard) click on file tab and print:

Immagine 039.png

The problem is when you try on differet browser to print pdf the result is this:

Immagine 040

We have lost all the images! we can’t export and print a report like this. I have found a little trick, unfortunately it’s work only with chrome, if you find a different solution write to me. With chrome is very symple, whe you are in the print preview there si in the left corner a flag to tick, “graphic in the background”. If you tick the flag the result is this:

Immagine 041

Now we can Print it !


Un pensiero su “PowerBI Export Report PDF

  1. Hey funichi88,
    we stumbled upon the same issue in a couple of our projects. We went and build a service called cMORE/Books for that. We can now offer a 24/7 Service that exports PowerBI reports as pdf or ppt – even the same page with different filter setting. Users get notified via email once their report book is done. Just let me know, should that be interesting to you. https://www.pmone.com/produkte/cmore-reporting/books/
    Best regards,

    "Mi piace"


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