Power Bi March Update

2 days ago Microsoft just released another monthly update of Power BI Desktop. They introduce following Update:


  • Ability to publish reports to a Group Space in Power BI Service, permit user to creare and publish report only for specific members of workspace.
  • Reports respect Do Not Summarize model setting from SSAS MD. Power BI respect the SSAS property IsAggregatable.


  • Ability to change the datatype of a column when in DirectQuery mode
  • Ability to assume Referential Integrity on relationships in Direct Query. This is an advanced setting, and is only enabled when connecting to the data in DirectQuery mode. It will enable more efficient queries to be generated when it is known that:
    • The From column of the relationship is never Null/blank
    • For every value of the From column, there is a corresponding value in the To column

    By setting the property in these cases, it allows more efficient queries to be sent to the backend database using INNER JOINs instead of OUTER JOINs.

  • DirectQuery for Oracle and Teradata moves out of preview
  • New Transformations:
    • Remove Blanks via Column Filter menu
    • Convert Duration values to Years
    • Keep Duplicates


  • SAP BW Connector (Preview)
  • R Scripts connector
  • Support for Command Timeout in the UX
  • Setting to disable Privacy Level prompts at machine level
  • Support for whitespace and line feeds in Query Editor preview
  • Navigator enhancements:
    • Ability to disable preview from Navigator
    • Technical name support
  • Load: Auto-step to disambiguate conflicting column names
  • Rename queries directly from Queries pane.
  • Smartsheet connector GA


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