Connect 2 Pivot table with a Symple Filter

Sometimes when on excel you want to filter data in a pivot table you can’t use a slicer but you have to us a filter. For example when you have :

  • A long list of data (100/200 customer for example)
  • Different type of data
  • Long Description

In these cases you prefer to use a classic filter for use search query to improve your filtering. But Filters works only with one pivot table and it isn’t possible to use same filter to connect two table. For Example we start from this situatio:

Immagine 020

We want to Filter data by project but this attribute have long words and many rows ( 200 different project) but we don’t want to repeat our filter. To solve this problem we have to do one simple thing : create a slicer. IN particular:

  1. Create a new slicer connected to the first pivot table. the slicer have to refer the same attribute that we want to filter, in our case Project.

Immagine 021.png

2. After that we connect the slicer to the second pivot table and we remove the second filter:

Immagine 022.png

At this point we can hide the slicer and use only the filter. if you have done all the passages correctly the filter of first pivot table should filter the second one.

This solution can be repeated with 2 or more filters.


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