Connect Excel To Power BI

This month Microsoft has released a new feature to power BI. We can connect an Excel File directly to PowerBI and using pivot table to analyze DataModel.

What We need?

  1. PowerBi Account Pro ( use the trial) , the same used on excel
  2. Excel 2013-2016
  3. An Existing datamodel on powerbi ( i use a powerbi desktop model on powerbi)
  4. SQL_AS_OLEDB feature: you cand find on this Link32bit or link64bit

How to Connect?

Go to powerbi site and select one of your datamodel or report :

Immagine 018.png

Click on Analyse in Excel. PowerBi create a ODC file in automatic and download it on your computer.

Open your excel and go on data tab, select existing connection,:

Immagine 019.png

Click on browse in le left corner and select the connection created by power bi. After that create a pivot table and you have completed alle the operation.

Congratulation now you can use your PowerBI model on your excel!




R Cheat Sheet

During this period we have been heard often in the “R” language associated with power bi. I suggest to who is interested to use it these Cheat Sheets:

R Cheat Sheet: simple pdf with the principal function and script that you can use on R

Data Table Cheat Sheet: a series of suggestion to understand ad use data in the table format on R

GGPLot2 Cheat Sheet: a pdf only on ggplot2 library, the most used library to create chart visualizations.

Moreover i suggest two another link about data science:

Data Science base: an article about what we need, hardware and software, to start to become a data scientist

Data Science Advance: a list of 20 tutorial about data science, R, big data and manchine learning