Free Microsoft E-books

I suggest you a interesting site : Microsoft Ebooks. Here you can find interesting free ebooks about different Product:

  • Windows 10
  • Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Azure Essential
  • System Data Center
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Xamarin
  • Visual Studio Online
  • HDInsight
  • Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript



PowerBI March News

It’s olny 11 of March but we have new interesting Feature for power BI. This time the news are on Dashboard, Quick INsight and Q&A

Here’s a summary of the new features:


  • Printi From full Screen Mode: IN the full screen mode on powerbi site now user can print the power bi report.


  • Fit to width in full Screen Mode: In the same menu user can click a new icon to enlarge report to all screen.


  • Tile Flow: in the setting tab of dashboard where activate Q&A now you can active a new function that permit user to flow report in same line:


Quick Insight and Q&A

  • Trend line for correlations: now when you launche quick insight on new data Trend and Correlation visual now have a trend line to make them even more intuitive.


  • Gauge and Area in Q&A: added to Q&A these new visuals, to use these visuals, just add “as area chart” or “as gauge” to the end of your question.
  • Improved auto-complete for Q&A: the autocomplete now start form 2 character inserted and suggest you the visual to use for your data


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