New functionality SSIS 2016

In the next days will be presented sql server  2016, for the  SSIS component these are the principal news:

  1. Deployment Incremental
  2. Supporto per Always On Availability Group
  3. Always Encripted
  4. Debugging
  5. Control Flow Template
  6. AutoAdjustBufferSize:
  7. Upgrade package:
  8. Support for HDFS, Excel 2013 e 2016, OData versioni V3 per ATOM e JSON e V4 per JSON
  9. ConnectorSAP BW with SQL Server 2016 Feature Pack
  10. Azure Feature Pack
  11. Productivity and update

A little explanation

1.  Deployment incremental

it was introduced a new feature that allows , once a project has been deployed , to deploy the packages of interest without having to do it every time for the entire project . This feature allows you to deploy both packages already in the Catalog that new packages . E ‘ available from SSIS , from SSMS , from or through the SSDT Stored Procedures catalog.deploy_packages .

2.  Always Encrypted

Allows the constant data protection , keeping them encrypted throughout their use.IN the property of Connection Manager , set Column Encryption Setting to Enabled . Create an Execute SQL Task with ADO.NET connection type such as:

INSERT INTO [ dbo ] . [ Table ] ( [ Field1 ] , [ Field2 ] ) VALUES ( @ field1 , @ Field1 ) ;

where Field1 is an ANSI string variable . The limit is to be supported only by ADO.NET providers , while it is not supported by OLEDB .

3.  Debugging

It was added the Error Columns Name , where it is indicated the name of the column led to the error and the error code , with the type of error description. In previous versions of 2016 is only an indication of the id that generated the error but not the column name . new roles are available , such as ssis_logreader , which allows access to logging without being admin .

4.  Control Flow Template

Contro flow Template allows you to create packages that can be reused in other packages or imported into other Solution .

By clicking the ” Flow Control Template ” folder with right button and ” New Contol Flow Template ” , it opens a Control Flow SSIS where you can create the template .

Once created , appears in the SSIS Toolbox and you can just use via a drag and drop in the Control Flow of interest package :

The Task coming from a Control Flow Template is recognizable by the ” T ” at the top right : The Flow Control Template not it can be modified only within the package where the template was created.

it is for exclusive use in each mode and Template design can contain only one task , where the task can also be inside a container with multiple tasks .


5.  Productivity and update

  • mprovements and bugs solutions in designer
  • Designer and Change Data Capture Service for Oracle
  • Use in SSIS integration of R in SQL Server 2016
  • Updating ODBC connectors
  • Update task “Execute DDL “
  • The transformation ” Balanced Data Distributor ” no longer requires the download , it is already installed in SSIS



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