Import Multiple json File in Power Query

When using Power BI often you want to be able to aggregate more information or more data sources in a single query .

Take for example the json file , but this procedure is also valid for other data formats , it often happens that the information is spread across multiple files , and no single document , or is spread over several sites .

What can traditionally do is create a number of queries ( one for each file ) and then merge them together later . Or we can use a simple string of code that allows us to unify them all into a single query that automatically calls the various pages and aggregates .

Let’s start from the beginning .

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Power BI Gateway Update

With the month of February has also renewed the power bi gateway . The main updates are as follows :

  • Live and direct connection to Oracle and Teradata
  • Supported automatic updating of all the data sources previously imported apart from analysis services and queries from zero ( Blank Query ) . This support includes : SQL Server , Teradata , Oracle , DB2 , MySQL , Sybase , SAP HANA , OData , Web , Files and Folders on-premises , and SharePoint lists on-premises

has been also referred to the date of expiry of the support to the old analysis services gateway , it will be March 31, 2016 .


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