Power BI Update

Yesterday was released a new update for power bi which introduces a number of innovations . The news touch all aspects of the power Bi , both reporting level than at the data model level and connectors . We have performance improvements , new views and introduction of new connectors .

I briefly summarize all the news :

Report View

  • See Data Behind a Visual (including Export Data to CSV)
  • Map Improvements – Plot map with latitude/longitude only
  • KPI Consumption GA Support (including navigation hierarchy support and KPI trend for SSAS MD)
  • SSAS Exploration Mode: Support for Display folders in the Fields pane
  • Ribbon layout improvements: Contextual ribbon tab for Report Tools
  • New KPI Visual
  • Get reports opened to the same page that was visible when they were saved
  • “Edit Query” option in table context menu in the Fields pane (Report & Data views)
  • “Duplicate Page” from the ribbon


Data Modeling

  • Ability to define hierarchies
  • Performance Improvement: Table & Column rename optimizations


Data Connectivity

  • DirectQuery support for Oracle and Teradata databases
  • DirectQuery – Support for creating Calculated Columns
  • Support for publishing Analysis Services Live reports
  • JSON File connector
  • SQL Sentry connector
  • Support for jagged CSV files
  • Exchange Connector – OAuth Support
  • SharePoint List Connector – URL validation
  • Database Connectors – Ability to disable Navigation Columns in Query previews (Perf optimization)
  • Web Connector – Fine-grained scoping of Credentials
  • “Enter Data” dialog UX enhancements
  • SAP HANA – Support for single sign-on with Windows Authentication (Desktop only)
  • SAP HANA – Support for Field labels
  • Alphabetic sort of columns in Choose Columns builder
  • Improved performance of renaming/removing/reordering columns
  • Virtualized Preview in Query Editor
  • Visual indicator for unloaded queries in Query Editor
  • 1-click Percentage Transform

For mor info i suggest you this link: news for power bi.



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