Insert Delete Value Likend table VBA

When you use Excel and Linked table in powerpivot you want that your user can’t edit column name or cells data, because their change will create problem to your model. But if you block your worksheet, how permit your user to delete or insert new row? With VBA

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PowerBI Export Report PDF

When you create a power bi report and publish it online you have the possibility to print it in pdf. During my test i found a “little” problem with this function.


For example, i created this power bi desktop report:

Immagine 037

THe report work correclty on power bi online. to print in pdf you have to select a report ( not a dashboard) click on file tab and print:

Immagine 039.png

The problem is when you try on differet browser to print pdf the result is this:

Immagine 040

We have lost all the images! we can’t export and print a report like this. I have found a little trick, unfortunately it’s work only with chrome, if you find a different solution write to me. With chrome is very symple, whe you are in the print preview there si in the left corner a flag to tick, “graphic in the background”. If you tick the flag the result is this:

Immagine 041

Now we can Print it !


Power BI on Apple Watch

Microsoft have realeased on 25th March a new power bi app for Apple Watch. That permit to access your critical information and insights directly from the watch face without opening the Power BI app itself.

When you open the Power BI app for Apple Watch, you will see an Index screen with a quick overview of all applicable tiles from the synced dashboard. Keep a close eye on your most important metrics. You can drill into a specific tile by tapping on it to get more data:


To sync a Power BI dashboard to your Apple Watch, first open the Power BI app on your phone, load a dashboard, and tap the dashboard actions menu. Next, open the Power BI app from the Apple Watch springboard.

Download now the app : Power BI App

Connect 2 Pivot table with a Symple Filter

Sometimes when on excel you want to filter data in a pivot table you can’t use a slicer but you have to us a filter. For example when you have :

  • A long list of data (100/200 customer for example)
  • Different type of data
  • Long Description

In these cases you prefer to use a classic filter for use search query to improve your filtering. But Filters works only with one pivot table and it isn’t possible to use same filter to connect two table. For Example we start from this situatio:

Immagine 020

We want to Filter data by project but this attribute have long words and many rows ( 200 different project) but we don’t want to repeat our filter. To solve this problem we have to do one simple thing : create a slicer. IN particular:

  1. Create a new slicer connected to the first pivot table. the slicer have to refer the same attribute that we want to filter, in our case Project.

Immagine 021.png

2. After that we connect the slicer to the second pivot table and we remove the second filter:

Immagine 022.png

At this point we can hide the slicer and use only the filter. if you have done all the passages correctly the filter of first pivot table should filter the second one.

This solution can be repeated with 2 or more filters.

Connect Excel To Power BI

This month Microsoft has released a new feature to power BI. We can connect an Excel File directly to PowerBI and using pivot table to analyze DataModel.

What We need?

  1. PowerBi Account Pro ( use the trial) , the same used on excel
  2. Excel 2013-2016
  3. An Existing datamodel on powerbi ( i use a powerbi desktop model on powerbi)
  4. SQL_AS_OLEDB feature: you cand find on this Link32bit or link64bit

How to Connect?

Go to powerbi site and select one of your datamodel or report :

Immagine 018.png

Click on Analyse in Excel. PowerBi create a ODC file in automatic and download it on your computer.

Open your excel and go on data tab, select existing connection,:

Immagine 019.png

Click on browse in le left corner and select the connection created by power bi. After that create a pivot table and you have completed alle the operation.

Congratulation now you can use your PowerBI model on your excel!




R Cheat Sheet

During this period we have been heard often in the “R” language associated with power bi. I suggest to who is interested to use it these Cheat Sheets:

R Cheat Sheet: simple pdf with the principal function and script that you can use on R

Data Table Cheat Sheet: a series of suggestion to understand ad use data in the table format on R

GGPLot2 Cheat Sheet: a pdf only on ggplot2 library, the most used library to create chart visualizations.

Moreover i suggest two another link about data science:

Data Science base: an article about what we need, hardware and software, to start to become a data scientist

Data Science Advance: a list of 20 tutorial about data science, R, big data and manchine learning