How to find json link

When we navigate a website sometimes we come across web pages that contain a set of KPI and very interesting numerical indicators that we would like to exploit.

For example if we connect the of the 2014 World Cup statistics page we find a number of very interesting information that maybe we’d like to use . This type of information , however, can not be used directly as a table as well as on PowerPivot because its format is not a table:


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PowerPivot import Web/Json page

Often you happen to find online a range of data and information that we are interested to import directly into our PowerPivot models .

Of course, the simplest solution would be to write everything by hand , but of course would require much time and effort .

But we can get help from power queries to overcome this problem . at this point , however, we distinguish two types of data :

  • Table directly exposed on a website , we think , for example, a table of wikipedia
  • Table instead exposes a result deriving makes a json file

We face two types separately


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