Q&A Power BI and Cortana

A very interesting feature that was present from the first version of Power BI is the Q & A . In practice, the Power bi used imported data inside the model to answer questions about the data.

Today the same function exists yet on Power bi, and I refer you to the following video you tube if you want to see how it works: Power BI Q&A

In addition to the standard functionality it has added a new type of Q&A very interesting . it is in fact possible to ask questions to the Power BI through cortana .

To do this you must first of all use the same account for both cortana for power bi . at this point you have to :

  1. Access to power bi select the gear and then settings
  2. Select the new data set window
  3. Select the source as we are interested and then open the menu cortana ( Underline in yellow )


At this point you have to flag “Allow cortana access this data set” and click apply. It takes about a 15 minutes to make the connection .


But unlike the first Q & A cortana recalls only specific reports created with desktop experience . In particular, by writing the name of the relevant report or a reference to it cortana they recognize the existence and will propose to the user.

To create an ad hoc report for cortana just open your Power BI desktop , select a new data source or reports already done and create a new worksheet , in its settings you can define :


  • Name: used by cortana
  • Description
  • Dimension: you have to select Cortana type


i suggest you to see this  video di youtube


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